5 Top Reasons That You Should Try Hemp Today

And How Doing So Will Change Your Life

Last week, I suffered through a moment of severe panic…

1. Hemp Is Good For Your Gut Health

Why Is Gut Health So Important?

2. Your Skin Will Love You If You Switch To Hemp

3. Hemp Is Good For The Environment

Now that I’m done showing you how hemp can improve your life on a personal level, let’s discuss its wider reaching benefits, especially in regards to Mother Earth.

4. Hemp Can Replace Cotton Products

My father has never been big on fashion. In fact, I believe that his entire wardrobe was bought on a single day in 1978, and since then he’s been content to wear these same clothes right into his grave. As you can probably imagine too, each piece of clothing is worn down, dried up, stretched out and falling apart. All except a single pair of pants that he’s worn more than anything else.

5. Pets Love Hemp Too!

Go back and read my first two points on why you need hemp in your life. The first is in regards to gut health and the benefit eating hemp will have. The second concerns your physical being, from the health of your skin to the luster of your hair.

In Conclusion…

Earlier on, I referred to hemp as a ‘Super Plant.’ After reading through this post, I hope you’re starting to see what I mean. More than that, I hope you’re starting to realize that the word ‘super’ might not be grandiose enough to describe this flexible, adaptive, damn near faultless plant.



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James D. Michael

I took Malcolm Gladwell’s advice, wrote for 10,000 hours and ended up on Medium. I write about health and lifestyle, with a few other fun stories thrown in.